January 16, 2018



MLD is a unique high-quality Multi Layer Display with real 3D depth, owned and developed exclusively by PureDepth.  MLD technology uses a holistic approach combining Hardware, Software, Optics and Design to deliver a superior 3D display without any of the side-effects normally associated with 3D technology, and with no compromise on image quality.


The display stack consists of 2 layers of LCD with physical space between – this is what provides the real 3D depth and parallax.  The hardware must be optimized depending on the specific application and its requirements. PureDepth engineers have helped develop prototypes and production hardware for a variety of markets.


PureDepths patented approach to developing the optical stack, including custom interstitial components, polarizer configuration, panel selection and backlight optimization, enable MLD technology to work with the best clarity and brightness – all without any side effects.


While any regular software platforms and tools can be used with MLD, PureDepth has developed a suite of plugins and applications which greatly assist in the design and development workflow with MLD.  With a deep understanding of the imaging capability of MLD our developers can take maximum benefit of its unique properties.


User interface design specifically for MLD is the key which brings MLD technology to life. PureDepth has a world-class expert team of MLD user interface designers, who have worked with some of the biggest brands on earth. The team can be leveraged in a variety of ways to bring any MLD application to life, including UI proof-of-concept development, training external design teams to develop with the technology, content polishing, or even the option of an onsite embedded MLD design specialist.